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Danneel Harris: Supernatural Hubby Her Scariest Roommate Ever?

You may know Danneel Harris from One Tree Hill, but she's also starring in The Roommate, a new thriller in which she makes out with Leighton Meester.
So when asked whether she's had to cohabitate with any crazy people in real life, she said that her Supernatural hubby Jensen Ackles is actually the scariest:
"Everyone keeps asking me that and I just say 'No, just my husband!'" she told me during a special screening of the new movie at Soho House, clearly joking (right?).
In all seriousness, Danneel says married life with Jensen is...
"Really good!"
She says her favorite part of being married is letting it all hang out.
"Walking around with no makeup on all the time!" she told me, adding, "I know that you're not supposed to do that. I hear later in life, your wife is always in sweatpants and hanging out. But that's what I like about it right now, it's just really comfortable and fun. In this chaos, it's nice to have someone you can veg out on the couch with."
But apparently, Danneel and Jensen aren't watching Twilight when they're curled up.
When asked if her Roommate costar Cam Gigandet ever mentioned Twilight (which he starred in) on set, she feigned ignorance.
"What's Twilight?" she joked. "I haven't seen it, so I don't know. Maybe I would be [a fan], but no."
Guess she prefers the paranormal to the undead?

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