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Feliz Año 2011!!!

Feliz Año a todos especialmente a mis actores favoritos Jared Padalecki y Jensen Ackles y a sus familiares. Espero boys que se cumplen todos sus deseos!. Los amo!!!

Happy New Year to all especially my favorite actors JaredPadalecki and Jensen Ackles and their families. Boys hope to meetall your needs!. I love them!

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Supernatural - Episode 3.08 - A Very Supernatural Christmas - Recap

Previously - there were no previouslies but there was a sweet throwback to 70's after-school specials.

Seattle, Washington (one year ago) - In a typical suburban home, little Stevie gets the door. He doesn't look to see who it is before opening it, obviously not raised by John Winchester. Stevie asks grandpa if he brought presents, but Grandpa goes coy, spouting about Santa Claus. It's nice to see a grandpa who isn't creepy on SPN. Later that night, Grandpa puts on his Santa outfit and rings bells, sending little Stevie scurrying to the steps like Grandpa wanted. A noise comes from the roof. Little Stevie thinks reindeer and Santa. Grandpa sees soot coming from the chimney and in a spectacularly stupid move, checks it out. Grandpa gets sucked up the chimney by Grinch hands, leaving behind only a bloody boot. Poor Little Stevie will be scarred for life. A Christmas ornament is blown out and we end up with a blinking no-tell hotel sign as the title card. Awesome!

Ypsilanti, Michigan (present day) - {I like the place cards. I miss them this season.} A sad little girl watches her mom explains her husband's disappearance to FBI Dean. The police think he was kidnapped but there's been no ransom. It's all sad and it's only 3 days until Christmas. Meanwhile Sam finds a tooth in the chimney. Dean reminds Sam that no one fits up a chimney (I guess Dean doesn't believe in Santa) and Sam agrees. "No way he fits up in one piece." Back in the green and red motel, Sam looks up the Krampus, who needs an image consultant because his name sounds more like an medical condition than a monster. Dean brings in groceries. "So was I right? Is it the serial killing chimney sweep?" Sam: "Yep, it's actually Dick Van Dyke." Aww Dean, you don't know Mary Poppins? Now I feel sorry for you. Dean exposits another victim and Sam has a crazy theory. Dean: "What could you possibly say that sounds crazy to me?" Sam: "Um…evil Santa." Dean agrees that's crazy. I love the brother banter in this episode. Sam gives us a crash course in anti-Claus, Santa's rogue brother who's more into punishment than cookies. Dean has a problem with the "Santa's shady brother" idea in that there is no Santa, therefore no brother. Aww, Sam - I hope you were at least 6 before Dean told you there was no Santa. I waited that long to tell my brother.

Sam agrees it's nuts but both victim's went to Santa's Village before being taken. And suddenly we are at the world's crummiest holiday attraction. The employees are bored. The decorations are sad. Still, Dean wants to celebrate Christmas with a tree and Boston Market (nice product placement CW). Sam says no as Christmas brings up bad memories for him. Dean calls him Grinch and Sam flashes back to Broken Bow, Nebraska Christmas Eve of 1991. (Please bring back the place cards, Sera.) Sam's 8 and Dean's 12. I love the Weechesters. Sam wraps a present in newspaper for the yet-again absent John Winchester. Dean claims he stole it, but Sam says Uncle Bobby gave it to him. "It's real special." No doubt - I'm surprised it didn't come with a warning label. Dean reads a copy of Hot Rod magazine that looks suspiciously like the ones in my library. Hmmm. He promises John will be back for Christmas (yeah right) and vagues about John's "business". WeeSam: "Nobody ever tells me anything." Try being a SPN fan through hellatus, kid. Dean's solution - "Quit asking." But Sam's made of questions so he keeps pushing, bringing up the forbidden topic - Mom. Dean tries to protect Sam from "the family business" but storms out of the room when Mary is mentioned. I prescribe counseling, John, and perhaps you could engage in your kids' lives. I hate John.

Back in CrummyTown, Sam exposits that Anti-Claus walks with a limp and smells like candy. That narrows it down to anyone mall shopping around Christmas. Or as Dean puts it, "A pimp Santa." The candy smell attracts kids, but since only adults have been taken I'm not buying this. Still, CrummyTown's Santa is all-out creepy instead of jolly and a smart parent pulls her kid away quickly. Skeevy Santa is suspect #1, which means he didn't do it. Elf Girl gets suspicious when Sam says they "only came here to watch", and suddenly they are the creepy ones. If I were a parent, I would demand my $10 back. Skeevy Santa walks by with a limp, smelling of Ripple, but the Winchesters check him out anyway. Stakeouts are boring and they're out of coffee, so Dean tries to un-Grinch Sam. "I admit it. We had a few bumpy holidays when we were kids, but that was then. We'll do it right this year." Sam doesn't want to be involved, but says Dean should. Sam, I don't think you can really do Christmas alone. That's sad.

Skeevy Santa looks suspicious in his wife beater. Dean: "What's up with Saint Nicotine?" I can't help it. I laugh at this every time. They hear screams from the trailer and race over, guns at the ready. Sam laughs that Dean might have to "blow away Santa," which might kill the Christmas mood. Of course, breaking in on an alcohol-swilling, porn-watching Santa could do that too. Umm, Santa…if people can hear your porn one house away in a car with the windows and doors shut, it doesn't matter if you pull the curtains. Your neighbors don't want to hear that. BWAH!!!! Dean starts signing Silent Night with Sammy joining in - it's offkey, painful, and completely hilarious! They can't even remember the words. Thankfully, Santa's already drunk and doesn't question why they broke into his house to carol.

In a suburban house, a correct version of Silent Night plays, warning us that screaming will commence. A curly-headed moppet wanders down, hearing something at the chimney. I fear for his sanity. Skinny, leather-clad Santa is covered in blood and growls like an animal. Perhaps this is the wrong time for me to eat peppermint ice cream. And the screaming starts. Dear old dad's in the sack and he ain't coming back, kid. Santa takes a cookie and no amount of therapy is going to help this kid. Scarred for life.

Dean and Sam question the new victim's wife, but she can't help because Santa cold-cocked her. Ouch! Dean commiserates and Sam asks about their wreath. I was with Dean the first time - Huh? Great reactions all around. Sam reveals that the other victim had the same wreath. Tangent cleared up. Back at the hotel, Bobby calls them "morons" - Love you Bobby even just as a voice in Sam's ear - and says the wreaths are made with meadowsweet. Dean's less than impressed, but Sam exposits it lures pagan gods to their victims. He then crushes Dean's view of Christmas by saying that many Christmas traditions started as pagan lore. Dean: "Christmas is Jesus' birthday." Sam: "No, Jesus' birthday was probably in the fall. It was actually the winter solstice festival that was co-opted by the church and renamed Christmas…." Dean: "…What are you going to tell me next…the Easter Bunny's Jewish?" So, pagan gods are tonight's winner (specifically Holdenacar) and the wreaths basically invite them in for a human snack. Hence I no longer have a wreath on my door. The Winchesters track down the wreaths while Bobby tracks down a way to kill pagan gods. Hopefully it will be easier than it was on Buffy. In a Christmas specialty store, Dean sets Sam up about the wreath. Sam: "It was yummy." Dean and Sam act like they are 8 in this episode and it really works for them. Owner: "Well aren't you a fussy one." BWAH!! I love you cranky shop guy. He tells them Madge Carrigan made them and didn't charge him for them. He of course turned a profit on every one. Still loving you.

The brothers head back to the hotel agreeing that Madge is suspicious. They move in tandem and Dean speaks fondly of a wreath made of beer cans he stole one year. Dean wants one this Christmas. Sam calls Dean out on the whole Christmas thing and Dean admits he wants to do it right because it's his last year. That's why Sam can't do it. He won't celebrate knowing Dean will be dead next year. It's poignant and sad and reminds me of why I love this show. Thus far, in 20 minutes, there's been gore, comedy, and now, if I was the crying sort, I would be bawling.

Flashback - Dean returns with beef jerky and Funyons for Sam. How did the boy get enough nutrients to grow that tall? Dean has a pistol under his pillow and I hate John Winchester more than ever. But Sam, tired of unanswered questions, goes straight to the source - John's journal. I don't know why he left it in the hotel if he didn't want Sam to read it. In fact, I'm not sure why he is on a hunt without it. If he's on a bender somewhere I loathe him even more. Sam asks if monsters are real. Dean begins to shield him but decides he should know. "I swear if you ever tell dad I told you any of this, I will end you." Dean says John is a hero and "the coolest dad in the world." Sam wonders about monsters under his bed, but Dean says John already checked it out. In fact, almost everything is real..except Santa. Sucks to hear the cold hard truth. Now Sam is worried that monsters will get John just like they got Mary. Dean tries to console Sam but learning that scary things are real is too much for an 8 year-old. It would be hard for me. Dean promises things will be better in the morning. With their life, he shouldn't promise anything.

The Carrigan house is tastefully decorated for the holidays . Dean: "Can't you just feel the evil pagan vibe." Love the sardonic face, Dean. Merrilynn Gann opens the door. The first time I saw this I was shocked and then started laughing. I don't think you can truly appreciate this role without having seen her as Rose Abbott on Everwood. Even the syrupy voice heightens my love for this character. "Oh, fudge!" Madge tells Dean and Sam that she doesn't have any more wreaths. Edward, Madge's husband, does his best Mr. Rodgers impression and offers them peanut brittle, which Dean wants to accept but Sam stops him. It's like the Donna Reed show…with bloody massacre.

Back at the motel, Dean whittles enough stakes to take out Sunnydale and Sam is in research mode. The Carrigans leave a trail of Christmas bodies wherever they go and decorate with vervain and mint, a pagan version of boughs of holly. "So what, Ozzie and Harriet are keeping a pagan god under their plastic-covered couch?" They break into the Carrigan house with its holiday décor and plastic covered couch - good call Dean. However the basement is not so cheery, decorated with blood and grisly body bits. Welcome to Christmas, Supernatural-style. It's enough to make you vomit. Sam checks out a hooked bag and my brain screams, "Bad idea…bad idea." And then it moves. My heart races while the Carrigans pin the brothers down. Madge commiserates, "Gosh I wish you boys hadn't come down here" before smacking Sam into oblivion.

The Winchesters awake, tied up in the kitchen. "So I guess we're dealing with Mr. and Mrs. God. Nice to know." Sam's expression always makes me laugh. The Carrigans join them and the dialogue here makes them my favorite one-shot villains of all time. "Oh and here we thought you two lazybones were going to sleep straight through all the fun stuff." Dean: "Miss all of this. Nah, we're partiers." Edward: "Isn't he just a kick in the pants, honey?" After the group plays "I Know Your Secret Identity", Sam calls them on eating humans, but Edward tells him not to "get all wet", as they have cut back dramatically on the number of tributes they take. Dean and Sam make 5 for this year. Madge readies the brothers to be sacrifices, donning an apron and putting a napkin in their laps. I pause the DVD because I am laughing so hard. Dean isn't impressed with their restraint, but Edward demands some respect.

Before the human feast, there's a checklist of things to do. "Oh, we're just sticklers for ritual." Meadowsweet starts the ritual off, and Dean snarks, "Aw shucks, you're all out of wreaths. I guess we'll just have to cancel the sacrifice, huh." Madge: "Oh don't be such a gloomy Gus." Madge decorates the boys with boughs of meadowsweet and pronounces them "just darling." while Edward says they are "good enough to eat." I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard and this may be the 100th time I've seen this episode. I love the banality, the Donna Reed-ness of the Carrigans' evil. Kudos to all involved. This episode gets better every time I watch it.

Until this part..ugh! The ritual begins by slicing Sam's arm. Dean protests, but the Carrigans want some sympathy. They've become obsolete in 2,000 years, so they "assimilated". Apparently playing a little bridge cancels out the tendency to eat your neighbors. Madge cuts Dean's arm and he curses at her. That kind of language is not welcome in Mrs. Pagan God's house. Dean owes a nickel to the swear jar. "Do you know what I say when I feel like swearing…fudge." Apparently the brothers should feel honored at being sacrificed but Sam's more concerned about what Edward is doing with those pliers. OK, everyone say it with Dean. "You fudgin' touch me again, I'll fudgin' kill you." Classic! Madge approves of the language but cuts him anyway. In the worst scene of all, Edward pulls out Sam's fingernail and I cannot watch. How can all this gore and violence coincide with all this humor and holiday music. Oh right…it's Supernatural..that's how. Madge and Edward stir their Winchester concoction and realize "Oh Sweet Peter on a popsicle stick, I forgot the tooth." Oh joy. My stomach cannot handle this. "Merry Christmas, Sam." Right back at you Dean. Next time, I'd like something a bit more warm and fuzzy. You know, zombie attack, werewolf bite, serial killer.

Edward goes after Dean's tooth. Thank goodness for the doorbell. "The two of you going to get that? You should get that," Dean slurs with the wrench in his mouth. It's the Carrigan's super-peppy neighbor with the baby voice, handing them fruitcake and inviting them caroling. If I were a pagan god, I would start with her. They politely turn down the invite and wave her off, eyes rolling as they return to the kitchen. I actually empathize with them here. But the Winchesters have escaped and trap the Carrigans in their kitchen. Only evergreen can kill them and luckily the Carrigans have a tree. Got to wonder how these pagan gods lasted so long. I wouldn't keep the only thing that can kill me in the front room. Plastic trees are improving every year. The Carrigans get out and Edward goes after Dean, while Madge scolds Sam about ruining her tree. "You little thing. I loved that tree." Sam takes out Madge while Dean stakes Edward twice. Ugh! Sam: "Merry Christmas." Let's hope they get some "holly jolly" after the pain and gore. My Christmas seems so tame; I love it.

Flashback - Dean wakes Sam, saying John stopped by with presents. Only Sam slept through it all. I hate John. Sam opens his gifts, a Barbie doll and fringed baton, and calls Dean out on his lie. Dean robbed the presents from a nearby house, not knowing they had girls. Sam wonders if John is still alive, but Dean reassures him, saying that their dad would have been there if he could have. I hate John. In a moment that makes my Grinch heart grow 2 sizes, Sam gives Dean the gift he was going to give John. Dean refuses but Sam insists. Awww, it's the amulet, the one Dean never takes off. It's awesome. It gives me sniffles. I love the Weechesters! Did I mention I hate John?

Back in the present, holiday music plays and Sam surprises Dean by decorating for Christmas while Dean is out buying beer. There's a tree, eggnog, and a banner hung around a picture frame. It's like a Charlie Brown special - perfect. Dean approves of the eggnog and breaks out presents. Both brothers shopped at the gas mart so there's porn mags, shaving cream, candy bars, and oil to go around. "Merry Christmas bro." Things get a bit awkward and you can tell Sam is wants to talk about Dean's last year. But in the biggest Christmas present of all, he asks if Dean wants to watch the game. No chick flick moments. We pan out with the brothers enjoying each other's company and the satisfied feeling of an episode well done.

There is a reason this episode landed as #1 on the SFX's Top Sci Fi Christmas episodes of all time. In fact, it sums up Supernatural as a whole. There is gore to make your stomach turn and family issues to make your heart ache. Laugh-out-loud humor is followed by ramped up action. There's new mythology, mention of the mytharc, a phone call to Bobby for information, and absolutely everything is grounded in the brother relationship. All in all, it's a perfect Supernatural episode and one of my personal favorites.

Here's wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. May it be nothing like this one, except filled with the love of family and friends. Cheers!

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Convención Supernatural Portugal 2011


“SALVATION CON” es una convención para fans de Supernatural que tendrá lugar los dias 22 al 24 de Abril del 2011en la ciudad de Lisboa, Portugal.

Actores que han confirmado su presencia:
* Jared Padalecki, que interpreta a Sam Winchester
* Misha Collins, que interpreta al ángel Castiel.
y próximamente habrá más invitados.

El concierto del sábado será ofrecido por Jason Manns, gran amigo de Jensen Ackles.

Para precios de los pases, fotografías, autógrafos, entradas para el concierto, alojamiento y demás información, podéis visitar la página oficial de clipremiere events:

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Spoiler de Kristin

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(Créditos por la traducción: SupernaturalFan)

Alguna novedad de Supernatural estaría bien. Siento que una sequía de spoiler se forma.
Kristin: Habra un episodio en Supernatural donde Sam recuerda los casos que tratan después de volver del infierno.

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Supernatural The Animation New Promo

Supernatural The Animation: descripción oficial episodios 1 al 12 (1 temporada)

1.01 - Skin (Original Episode)
A demonic shape-shifter commits a gruesome murder. When the brothers investigate, the being borrows Dean's from to continue its killing spree.

1.02 - Roadkill (Original Episode)
"The highway's the only haunted once a year and we got 'till sunup to wrap things up!" Sam, Dean and a near-victim race the earth’s rotation to vanquish a ghost who kills on the anniversary of his death.

1.03 - Home (Original Episode)
After 22 years, Sam and Dean return to their childhood home. Now another beautiful young mother loves there - and, if Sam's nightmares are correct, she may be threatened by the same evil that killed Mary Winchester.

1.04 - Blood of Beast (New Episode)
Sam and Dean help out a young boy, who is being bullied by the older kids at school. We discover that the boy's father is actually a "peaceful" vampire who has sworn not to attack humans and survived by drinking cattle blood. The boy also has vampire blood in him but he is just not yet aware of his true nature.

1.05 - Ghost on the Highway (New Episode)
Sam and Dean are driving along the highway and are suddenly chased by a cop car from behind. They discover that there have been numerous unexplainable car accidents in the area. All accident involved a Chevy Impala. Sam and Dean have to investigate to prove themselves innocent. We discover that an evil spirit has taken the form of an Impala is trying to take revenge on the town.

1.06 - Bloody Mary (New Episode)
Back in 2004, when Sam was studying at Stanford. Sam hears about a suspicious death case occurred in Stanford from Jessica, a girl he's becoming friendly with. John and Dean smell something evil in the case and start investigating behind Sam's college life. They first presume that it is caused by a ghost called "Bloody Mary" but it turns out to be caused by a different ghost.

1.07 - Temptation of Demon (New Episode)
Maria, a faithful Christian is lured by a yellow-eyed demon to become its servant in return of curing her sick daughter. She refuses at first, but is quickly drawn in.

1.08 - Everlasting Love (New Episode)
Multiple homicides in Illinois. The victims are all blond women in their 20s and the crimes scenes leave traces of formaldehyde. Sam and Dean discover fingerprints of a female who died in 1940. A tragic love story of a mad doctor.

1.09 - Poverty Spirit (New Episode)
Dean is taken over by a Japanese "poverty" spirit. He tries to rid himself of the spirit and discovers he must fight the spirit of "prosperity", because these two spirits are really two sides of the same coin.

1.10 - Moon Shine (Original Episode)
Sam and Dean investigate a murder in which the victim was killed by wild animals, suspecting that it was done by hellhounds. Later they find out that is was done by a werewolf.

1.11 - Nightmare (Original Episode)
The brothers pose as priests to gather information at a house visited by sudden death - a death Sam saw in a dream.

1.12 - Origin (Comic Book)
John meets Lily, who is one of the special children and tries to save her from the yellow-eyed demon's plan.

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Los 50 mejores episodios de la TV

Creditos por la traducción: SupernaturalFAN)

#24- "Weekend at Bobby`s" Supernatural
Jim Beaver es el arma secreta de la serie, y este episodio esta dedicado a las aventuras de su personaje sin Sam y Dean,estaba lleno de comedia,drama,accion y todo sobre el amor Sobrenatural.

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Spoiler de TVGuide

Donde está la exclusiva de Supernatural ? -- Chris
Natalie: Aquí mismo: Un ángel asesino viene y no es un campista feliz (piensen en Javier Bardem en Sin Lugar para los Débiles, Amigos). Cruzará a un universo alternativo para atrapar a su presa y cuando lo haga, el resultado sera sangriento.

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Supernatural The Animation: Descripción Oficial episodios 9 y 10 (1 Temporada)

1.09 - Poverty Spirit (New Episode)

Dean is taken over by a Japanese "poverty" spirit. He tries to rid himself of the spirit and discovers he must fight the spirit of "prosperity", because these two spirits are really two sides of the same coin.

1.10 - Moon Shine (Original Episode)

Sam and Dean investigate a murder in which the victim was killed by wild animals, suspecting that it was done by hellhounds. Later they find out that is was done by a werewolf.


1.09 - Espíritu de la Pobreza (nuevo episodio)

Dean es tomado por un japonés "pobreza" espíritu. Se trata delibrarse del espíritu y descubre que debe luchar contra el espíritu dela "prosperidad", porque estos dos espíritus son en realidad doscaras de una misma moneda.

1.10 - Moon Shine (episodio original)

Sam y Dean investigan un asesinato en el que murió la víctima por los animales salvajes, ante la sospecha de que fue hecho porperros infernales. Más tarde se enteran de que es fue hecho por un hombre lobo.

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Spoiler de TVGuide y Ausellio

Spoilers de TV-Guide
+ Esta temporada cuenta una especie de filme negro de misterio.
+ La segunda mitad realmente acelera la historia. La primera parte de la temporada está muy preocupada con el alma de Sam, y la búsqueda del Purgatorio es muy grande es la segunda mitad.
+ Hay un episodio autoreferente de humor duro en el cual los Winchester despiertan como unos personajes llamados Jared y Jensen de una serie de televisión llamada Supernatural.
+ Veremos a Sam y Dean trabajando más y más juntos como un equipo resolviendo casos, en el modo en que los recordamos de vuelta en el día.
+ ¿Podría haber una séptima temporada?, “Si, lo creo”, dice Sgriccia. “Hay suficiente mitología y cuentos de campamento alrededor del mundo, por lo que podemos seguir”.
+ Acerca de Castiel “Él está a cargo de uno de los 2 bandos de la Guerra civil del Cielo y está enfadado ya que a Sam y Dean no les interesa ”. Esperen a ver más acerca de la batalla entre Castiel y Rafael. La batalla angélical por el Cielo continuará y Gamble dice que Rafael hará “un movimiento personal agresivo” en contra de Castiel.

Spoilers from TV-Guide
+ This season tells a film noir sort of mystery (Robert Singer)
+ The second half really accelerate that story. The first part of the season is very concerned with Sam's soul, and the search for purgatory is very big in the second half.
+ There's a humor-heavy meta episode in wich the Winchesters wake up as characters named Jared and Jensen on a TV show called Supernatural.
+ We will see Sam and Dean working more and more together as a team to solve cases, the way we remember them back in the day.
+ Could there be a seventh season? "Yes, I think so", says Sgriccia. "They are enough mythology and campfire tales around the world so that we can go on".
+ About Castiel "He's in charge of one of the two sides in Heaven's civil war and he's annoyed that Sam and Dean don't care". Expect to see more about the battle between Castiel and Raphael. The angel battle for Heaven will continue and Gamble says that Raphael will make “an aggressive personal move” against Castiel.


Spoiler de Ausiello
¿Está Crowley realmente muerto en Supernatural?
Mis fuentes de Supernatural no pueden decir con certeza si Mark Sheppard retornará a la serie esta temporada, no estoy diciendo que los fans deberían “nunca decir nunca a verlo de nuevo en el mundo de Supernatural”. Pienso podemos todos aceptar que traer un personaje de vuelta de (su presunta) muerte es sólo otro día en la oficina para la serie ¿no?

Spoiler from Ausiello
Is Crowley REALLY dead on Supernatural?
My Supernatural sources can’t say for certain if Mark Sheppard will return to the show this season, I am told that fans should “never say never to seeing him again in the world of Supernatural.” I think we can all agree that bringing a character back from the (presumed) dead is just another day at the office for the show, no?

Vota por Supernatural en EOnline

What's the 2010 TV Show of the Year?

Casting del episodio 6x13

Jared Padalecki ... Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles ... Dean Winchester
Joe Holt ... Roy Dobbs
William C. Vaughan ... Sheriff D. Atkins

* William trabajó en "Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy" como Finn.
* William worked in "Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy" like Finn. ;)

Descripción y cambió de nombre del episodio 6x12

Jared Padalecki ... Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles ... Dean Winchester
Jim Beaver ... Bobby Singer
Rhonda Dent ... ?
Jodi Balfour ... Melissa

+ El título cambió a "Like a virgin"

Breve descripción
Vírgenes locales de un pequeño pueblo están siendo secuestradas por un enorme dragón, completo con alas, escamas y una guarida para mantener su presa. Depende de los hermanos Winchester salvar las doncellas en apuros.

+ "Es un buen episodio para ver si está interesado en un monstruo mitológico. Contestamos la de pregunta de por qué, después de todo este tiempo, ésta criatura ha retornado ahora. Hay una sopresa muy grande". (Sera Gamble)

+ Aparte de la mitología del monstruo, “Like a virgin” lidiará con las consecuencias emocionales del final de mitad de temporada. TV-Guide dice “Sam sobrevive a su ardua prueba y enfrenta tanto a Dean y al escéptico Bobby. ¿Pero es el mimo Sam que entró al Infierno hace más de un año?”.

+ The title changed to "Like a Virgin"

Short description
Local virgins are being kidnapped by a dragon with massive wings, scales and a lair to keep its prey. It's up to the Winchester brothers to save the damsels-in-distress

+ “It’s a good episode to watch if you’re interested in our monster mythology. We answer the question of why, after all this time, this creature has returned now. There’s a pretty big bombshell." (Sera Gamble)

+ Monster mythology aside, “Like a Virgin” will deal with the emotional fallout from the mid-season finale. TV Guide says “Sam survives his arduous trials and faces both Dean and the skeptical Bobby. But is it the same Sam who entered Hell more than a year ago?

Voten por Jared en Celebufight!!

Jared Padalecki (3-2) vs. Zachary Levi (2-1)

Para poder votar hagan click en la imagen

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Jensen Ackles and Supernatural on MTV's "10 on Top"

Ratings News - 11th December 2010 -Supernatural and Smallville

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6x11 Appointment In Samarra (Misión en Samarra)
Descripción oficial
LA MUERTE REGRESA PARA REUNIRSE CON DEAN - Dean (Jensen Ackles)busca a La Muerte (estrella invitadar Julian Richings) para ayudar a conseguir el alma de Sam de vuelta (Jared Padalecki). La Muerte le dice a Dean que él ayudará a Sam si Dean acepta actuar como La Muerte por 24 horas. Mientras, Sam decide que él no quiere su alma de vuelta y le pregunta a Balthazar (estrella invitada Sebastian Roché) por un hechizo protector para mantener su alma fuera de su cuerpo. Balthazar le dice que necesita la sangre su padre para el hechizo para que funcione y ya que John Winchester está muerto Sam decide que Bobby (Jim Beaver) es la siguiente opción. Mike Rohl dirige el episodio escrito por Sera Gamble y Robert Singer.



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Promo teaser for Supernatural episode 6x12, "Like a Virgin"

Spoiler episodio 6x14

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Finalmente luego de estar 4 horas en el set,comenzaron a hacer escenas en el exterior,era sólo un espectáculo,con Dean tocando el timbre de Lisa,claramente un poco ansioso por ella,quien abre la puerta con un vestido negro,claramente vestida para algo.Era difícil ver su reacción cuando ve a Dean en la puerta creo que todo comenzó con una sonrisa,luego se enojo y hubo un poco de diálogo (que no se podía oir) todo lo que realmente oímos era su grito: "Benjamin Braeden,venga usted abajo ahora mismo!".

En el Set episodio 6x14

En el set de SPN episodio 6x07