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Supernatural The Animation: DVDS

Ok guys the fine people over at MADHOUSE (Death Note, Paprika, Vampire Hunter D and Summer Wars) have given us a new trailer for the upcoming Supernatural Anime. Unfortunately the release date on the first volume has been pushed back from Janurary 22 to February 23 with the following updated release dates.
Blu-Ray/DVD Volume 1: 2/23 (Episodes 1-2)
The Blu-Ray boxsets are split into two volumes per box:
Supernatural Box 1 Blu-Ray (Vol 2/Vol3/Bonus Disc): 3/29 (Episodes 3-12)
Supernatural Box 2 Blu-Ray (Vol 4/Vol 5/Bonus Disc): 4/6 (Episodes 13-22)

The DVD boxsets will be split into 5 volumes per box:
Supernatural Box 1 DVD (Vol. 2-6/Bonus Disc): 3/29 (Episodes 3-12)
Supernatural Box 2 DVD (Vol.7-11/Bonus Disc): 4/6 (Episodes 13-22)

So now i have some good news and some bad news for you guys. The bad news is that the Supernatural Anime will only be released in Japan, which means that it will be in Japanese with English sub-titles. The good news is that if you get the Blu-Ray copy it will be playable in U.S. Blu-Ray players.

But knowing how many people love the show, Supernatural, in America it wont take long for them to bring it here and have it dubbed with the original cast members of the show.

This release will apparently cover the storyline from the first two seasons of the live action series while also having some new original stories mixed in that will include material of the Winchester brothers' younger days and more such as anime-only enemies and stories focusing on the supporting cast from the live-action version.

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